Links to other sources of Old Askean Information

There are at least two FaceBook pages/groups related to the Association. The “official” one can be found here:

Then there is the “Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham (1960s)” group which is an “unofficial” group. This can be found here:

Anthony J. Sargeant who was at School from 1955 -1962 has a wonderful series of Blogposts that can be found at:

It is well worth following the links on these posts as they bring back memories and have a great wealth of detail about the school and life in those days. Imagine teenagers going to a party wearing jackets with a collar and tie!! It really happened and there are photos to proof it.

Sadly there are parts of school that were less than perfect to say the least. The account below happened in eighties; but I know of abuse (not to me) that happened in the sixties. You can find out about the less savoury parts here: