Funeral of MC Black, Thursday 8th February at Waltham Abbey Jewish Cemetery at 11:45am

Dear Friends and Associates of MC Black,

I’m writing to inform you that MC Black’s body has been released by the Hertfordshire Coroner, and we have permission to bury him.  The burial service will take place on Thursday, 8th February at Waltham Abbey Jewish Cemetery at 11:45am  More details will be forthcoming when we have them.

Waltham Abbey Cemetery, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN93QZ

I know that many of you are not Jewish, so though that I would add a few words about what to expect.  The body will be in a simple casket that is completely bio-degradable.  The (closed) casket, covered by a cloth, is displayed in the prayer hall at the cemetery.  There is a short prayer service (in Hebrew) in the prayer hall,  followed by a eulogy.  Then the family and the casket process to the gravesite.  There, more prayers are recited, and the casket is lowered into the grave.  After some more prayers, the mourners shovel dirt onto the casket and fill the excavation.

Be warned that cemeteries can be quite muddy at this time of year.

Flowers are not appropriate.   If you wish to make a donation in lieu of flowers, I’m sure the MC would approve of a gift to Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, the home operated by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution that took such good care of our mother during her final years.

Those of you who are Jewish may wish to know that we are planning a shiva minyan at Welwyn Garden City Synagogue on Thursday evening — time to be announced.   Rabbi Tatz will officiate at the burial service.

Andrew Black